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Resourcism - a new economic system for the coming age of automation


Resourcism - a post-industrial economic system

Resourcism is designed to provide the immense benefits of the coming age of smart automation without the disruption of a jobless society.

Resourcism is radical, but it is the only identified solution for a positive outcome for this new age within a post-industrial society. Alternative solutions lead to negative results for the majority.

Resourcism is based on the fundamentals of all societies – world wide resources. As such, Resourcism provides naturally for the future.  As we move towards the next age, the age of automation, humans will only be bounded by these resources.  And, yes, world resources are finite, but they are also vast and therefore free us all, in this coming age, to achieve almost anything we wish. 

Our limits in future will not be practical, the limits will be about our aspirations and our nature.  Resourcism limits the unfairness that has plagued people throughout the world for many generations.  With Resourcism, the world has finally found a path for ongoing success without the need to subjugate others.

Challenge your own thinking... see 'John's got a new motor'


The point of this website is to create a better, more informed discussion on firstly the impact of automation and, secondly the economics of this new smart robotic age.  Resourcism.org has attempted to find the best solution for this disruptive change.

We hope it provides the necessary impetus for thought and discussion to find a better way forward. We do need to find a solution in the medium term or face potential failure of society as we know it.

If you believe Resourcism too radical, you are challenged to find a better system for the future of our planet.
Your thoughts will be welcomed and published, provided they add up to sensible solutions. If you have improvement or comments on Resourcism, again please let us know.


email: cst@commonsensethinking.co.uk